Do I need to stop taking my medications?

Please be advised that Dr. Huffman will never tell you to stop taking your medications. His goal is to support you alongside your medical provider. As your symptoms and lab results improve during the course of care, Dr. Huffman may recommend that you return to your medical doctor to adjust your medication levels as they see fit. Dr. Huffman is not a replacement for your medical provider. He looks to work alongside your medical doctor in an adjunctive manner to get you feeling your best!

Will my insurance cover the treatments?

Insurance does not cover all of the treatments used in our office. At times they may pay for portions of your care. Again, please be aware that you cannot rely on your insurance company to consider the best interests for your health.

How much do your treatments cost?

The cost of treatment varies widely based on your individual patient findings. After a thorough review of your case Dr. Huffman will be able to make specific recommendations as to what lab testing and clinical treatments are needed for you. At the second visit Dr. Huffman will be able to lay out the specifics of what is needed in your case, the cost of care, and what your insurance may cover. Please see the "Your Exam" section of our website for more information.

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with Dr. Joshua Huffman, Chiropractic Neurologist

Natural Thyroid Support

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please take a moment to review these FAQs that can help you learn more about Dr. Huffman and the office procedures at Mounds View Chiropractic. If you live in the St. Paul or Minneapolis area and are suffering with thyroid symptoms you may have finally found the answers and the help you have been looking for. Please call us if you have any questions: 763-398-7770. We can get to the root of your problems and provide you with the support that will restore and maintain your health!

Am I a candidate for Dr. Huffman's treatments?

Not all patients will be accepted into our program. Dr. Huffman will make a determination of treatment acceptance after the initial evaluation. See our "Your Exam" section for information in regards to how Dr. Huffman determines if your particular case is one that he can accept.

What do your treatments consist of?

We use alternative methods including laboratory testing, nutritional supplementation, dietary intervention and chiropractic treatments/therapies to ensure your brain, thyroid, and immune system get the support they need. The comprehensive testing we use allows us to indentify the true, underlying causes of your thyroid symptoms. Dr. Huffman will develop an all-natural, nutritional, dietary, and neurological care plan for you based on your needs. For much more detail on our treatment approaches visit the "Why We are Unique" section of our website.

Are your treatments safe?

Yes, all of the treatments offered are safe and painless. Dr. Huffman will make sure to thoroughly explain any procedures that will be needed in the office prior to you beginning care. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed, safe, and confident in our office and staff every time you come into our office.

I go to a chiropractor now, what is the difference?

Dr. Huffman is a board certified chiropractic neurologist. Out of 60,000 chiropractors in the U.S., only 1200 are chiropractic neurologists. Dr. Huffman also is Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, has a diplomate from the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners, and has a Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy. When you present to our office for your initial consultation, we are confident that you will find that our office is unlike any Chiropractic clinic that you have ever been in.

What is functional neurology?

The practice of functional neurology is based on the premise of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that the brain and nervous system can be altered to work more efficiently based on the environment and stimulation that they are given. Functional neurologists use specifically designed therapies to enhance and optimize the performance of the brain and the nervous system.